What do you mean, you’ve never had Pistachio Yogurt?
Look at that ceiling.
Appropriately Pink Mercedes in Tangier, Morocco
me on the left in blue and Mona on the right in purple.
We’re both wearing traditional Moroccan caftans, but not in the latest style or anything ;p
I don’t think I’ve ever met someone and became friends with them so fast. Mona is like my sister. My soul sister. We understand each other even when we don’t agree. 
She’s like this force of positive energy that never slows down! She can make you excited over the smallest things. She treats everyone with respect and love. She is a dreamer and an adventurer.
And because of her, I had the greatest summer of my life.
Morocco, Summer 2011.
can you find me? 
Hint: I love stripes and I’m not a guy
This is my first time celebrating Eid (and fasting Ramadan!) in Morocco. And yeah, I’m wearing full pink. I know.
It’s a lot different than Eid in Cali. In NorCal we all go to Eid prayer at the mosque (or wherever it’s being held). You’re surrounded by thousands of other Muslims of hundreds of different ethnicities. You spend a couple hours after prayer looking for your friends and eating donuts and Arab and Desi sweets. Your mom’s friends give you mini bags of chocolate, candy, and money even though you’re 18 and way to old for that (!!!). 
We go out for a huge breakfast at some unsuspecting restaurant and overwhelm all the regular diners by being overdressed, loud, and Muslim. The rest of the day I spend with my friends and family, looking to have as much fun as freakin possible.
Here in Morocco, we didn’t even go to prayer! I think the men did, but us wimmenz and children stayed home! It was really weird for me, because Eid is always an experience I tie with the mosque. We dressed up and said Eid Mubarak to a couple of neighbors and ate Halwa (sweets!) and drank mint tea, then changed what we were wearing and went to my uncle’s wife’s mothers house to eat and do…nothing.
I basically just spent the time snacking, taking pictures, napping, and calling the few friends I have left in Morocco.
And wore pink.

Girl cousin: EkramBoy cousin: Mahdi 
EDIT: The difference, of course, is that Morocco is a Muslim country. Going to Eid prayer to be surrounded by Muslims isn’t necessary for the community like it is in America.
Also, you usually have huge families that meet up (we didn’t do that this year) and you spend the next day or three of Eid doing a family-reunion. And it’s crazy fun (:
Morocco is freaking amazing and mind blowing and awesome and I don’t want to leave and I have a crush on this boy and I’ve never admitted to that before and I’ve never been hit on more in my life until this summer (unfortunately not by the boy) and the beach was is gorgeous and I’m learning SO much and meeting such great people and this is incoherent, but really, trying to focus my thoughts right now is much too overwhelming.
So here is a picture of myself that I actually really like. Enjoy.
I hope this summer is going to be as awesome as I think it will!